Don’t go Christmas-crazy

December 24, 2019
Christmas shopping is in high gear in downtown Kingston.

I love Christmas. I love the décor, the food, the parties, and the good mood that everyone seems to be in. Christmas in Jamaica is extra special to me because it’s usually the time when I see people that I haven’t seen in a while, and there is rum in almost everything.

It’s very easy to get caught up in the festivities, and it gets very expensive. So many parents are trying to create the perfect holiday experience for their children, but sometimes they can go overboard.

So here are some tips to keep you sane during the holidays:


Make a budget and stick to it – It’s easy to get caught up in the shopping and partying of the season, so get structure to control your spending. Having a budget will help you to be more creative as well and even give better gifts.


Don’t go overboard. There’s life after Christmas – With all the parties and concerts happening during the holidays, there is so much to do. You don’t have to go to everything. Plus, some of them are free, so take advantage of them.


I know they are annoying, but they will go home soon – It’s always great to see family and friends. Some of them are visiting for the first time from overseas, but they can be overwhelming. They are in your house, eating all your food, making a mess, and you can’t wait for them to leave. Hang in there. They go home after Christmas. I know you love them, but they can be a lot.


January is coming – So many people get paid early for Christmas, and they go all out, forgetting that reality and the bills are coming in January. Don’t forget that it’s coming, and for some reason, January always seems like a very long month. So be prepared.

Enjoy the holidays – It may not be your thing, but there is something in Christmas for everybody. If you look around, there must be something that you can enjoy even if it’s just that fun, crazy, loud Christmas dinner with your family.

For some, Christmas is about celebrating the birth of their saviour. For some, it’s an opportunity to unite their family. For some, it’s a great time to get their party on, and for some, it’s a nice break from work, so they rest. Whatever Christmas means to you, find a way to have fun, and if possible, do something nice for someone else. I know that not everyone likes Christmas or even thinks it’s important, but I think that it’s a great time to appreciate the good things about life and share with the one we love. Have yourself a Merry Christmas!

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