My Confession: Ugly girl gave me a jacket

March 20, 2020

STAR, a ugly gal give me a jacket and all now mi is the laughing stock in the community.

Every man used to degrade her, including myself. We used to say dat we couldn’t sleep with her and that her ugliness would kill any man private parts.

But as much as how mi a say so, me always a watch her shape and a say me woulda ‘knock her’. One night me see her a go in her, yard and gi her two talk.

Rain was falling hard so everyone was inside. She did glad fi invite me in because mi a hot bwoy.

STAR, when mi started having sex, it did feel nice, and because me know no other man did a knock it, me take off the condom.

Naturally, mi tell her not to say a word to a soul because mi live with mi woman. But deep down, a tru me nuh waan the man dem know me a sleep with her.

Anyway, after we have sex couple more times, she say she pregnant, and it never take long fi she tell the world say me and her deh.

Mi woman leave mi and although mi shame, mi take care of the pregnancy. When baby born, every day the ugly duckling come tell mi say the baby waan tings.

Mi mada take one look on the child and say a nuh mine and urge mi fi do a DNA test. Mi go do it although mi sure seh the baby was mine,

But mi get the shock a mi life when the results come back say a jacket. When mi confront her, she bawl and say she did a sleep with couple other man but a me alone own it.

Mi say me shame like dog because me mother start walk and clear mi name. Mi woman never come back and all a mi fren dem laugh after mi say mi make the ugliest girl clown me out.

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