Vaginal massages are fast becoming a thing

November 19, 2019

The conversation around the importance of self-care has been trending and many women are taking the time from their busy work schedules to stop, relax and recharge. Self-care typically includes anything from manicures to waxing, pretty much anything that helps these busy working boss ladies unwind.

The newest item on the self-care menu seems to be yoni massages. What’s a yoni massage? The yoni massage stimulates the ‘yoni’, or female genitals, and while the idea will send many women running for cover, it’s an experience that many other women absolutely enjoy.

What’s included in a yoni massage?

As you can imagine, the experience is very intimate and will require full nudity. In some cases, the masseuse is also naked and full-on intimate access to the genitals a part of the process. In most cases, orgasm is achieved during a yoni massage and women feel absolutely relaxed; some even fall asleep. The experience can take from one and two hours and can really go a long way to melt away the stresses of a busy life and leave the women very satisfied.

According to an article published in Glamour magazine, yoni massages have been in existence for centuries and shares history with Tantra. As a matter of fact, yoni massages were derived from Tantra, with text dating as far back as 300EC and connection with Hinduism and Buddism.

It may be difficult to find a professional masseuse who performs yoni massages, but feel free to work with your partner and create your own sexy spa experience at home. The whole idea is to stop, relax and enjoy the intimacy of each other. Yoni massages are not for everyone, but for the ones who are interested, buy a great oil, and get your sexy on!

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The modern yoni massage has amazing benefits for women who indulge. These includes:

n Relief from painful sexual intercourse – it stmulates blood flow as it awakens the genitals and allows from better circulation.

n Achieving more intense orgasms – the improved circulation makes the genitals more sensitive and increases the overall pleasure sensations.

n Better intimacy during sex – after a yoni massage, a woman is open and ready to connect with her partner in a more intimate way.

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