Ladies love ugly men

October 22, 2019

Contrary to popular opinion, it seems that attractive women love ugly men. I was having a conversation with a friend of mine who works in the entertainment industry and he was telling me how, in all of his travels with artistes on tour, he would notice that one particular artiste seems to have a special magic with the ladies – Ninjaman. He was telling me about a particular tour they were on years ago in Europe, where the crew got to meet some very beautiful women.

The crew was in awe of these women, and the one that everyone seemed to be most interested in was an actual beauty queen. Anyway, while all the other musicians tried all they could to get her attention, she did not seem too impressed. That was until the ‘original Don Gorgon’ stepped in the room. All he could tell me was that after Ninjaman went over to the young lady, she was all caught up, and later that evening he saw them walking arm in arm with each other. Even as he’s telling the story, he was in awe, because he thought that women were into traditionally handsome-looking men.

After I recovered from the fit of laughter, I tried to explain to him that even though looks are initially important, usually after having a conversation with the man, he can start looking more or less attractive. So what is it about an ugly man that women find attractive?

He’s funny

Believe it or not, a great sense of humour can be much more attractive than a handsome face. The ability to make a woman laugh will always be more effective in getting her attention and interest.

He’s smart

So many women are sapiosexuals – turned on by intelligence. Having a great conversation with a smart man can be both intellectually and physically stimulating. As a matter of fact, stimulating a woman’s mind is a far more effective way to stimulate her body.

He’s a nice person

Really physically attractive men can be egotistical and shallow, and this will make him difficult to be around, and even straight up rude. Typically, a less physically attractive man is less likely to be like that; he’s more considerate, attentive and kind.

Now, obviously, nothing applies in all situations, and there are some ugly, unpleasant men, and even some nice attractive men. The bottom line is to look beyond just the physical appearance and you just might see who he really is. Have fun, and stay sexy.

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