Sex is a great tool to keep happy

September 03, 2019

I was recently asked, what’s the optimum amount of times to have sex in a relationship? This is not really a strange question, but it made me pause.

The truth is, sexual frequency can vary from couple to couple and it can be dependent on many factors, so a couple has to make an effort to ensure that they keep their sex life active. When I talk to men, they are willing to have sex as often as is physically possible, most of the women I spoke to, on the other hand, were not as enthused about having frequent sex.

The truth is, whether or not an individual has the interest, having sex every day is not always possible for every couple simply because life happens. What about the effect of daily sex on health? Are there benefits to be gained from having daily sex?

I recently read an article about an Australian couple who decided that no matter what happened in their life, they will have sex every day for a year. Reading the whole article is very interesting, but what I found most useful were the benefits that they gained as a couple at the end of the year:


Having sex daily made the sex better overall, because they were able to tell each other what they liked. The experience improved because each partner was trying harder to please each other.


The couple became more open, trying things that they usually would even consider. Doing new sexual acts together serves to bring them closer as a couple.


The time spent together sometime includes great conversation as a prelude to the sex. This helps to address stress as well as sets the tone for the sexual activities that follow.


Frequent sexual satisfaction serves to improve the self-esteem of individuals and they feel much more confident. They also benefit from improved overall health, and their mood improves as well.


Orgasms are excellent sleep aids; couples get better rest after satisfactory sex. They are much more alert and focused throughout the day as they go through their day.

It’s no secret that satisfactory sex can be very beneficial to couples and though daily sex may not always be possible, try to make time to get your sexy on. Sex is a great tool to keep the happiness and intimacy in relationships.

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