Build your relationship on business strategy

August 20, 2019

Looking around at relationships these days can leave one feeling very depressed, because it seems like it’s virtually impossible to have a happy, successful union. I think that one of the key issues with relationships starts with how we select our partners and the things we focus on while we are together.

For example, lots of importance is placed on having password access to online accounts and not enough on the compatibility of the union. If we look at the way businesses operate, it’s easy to identify different tactics that can be employed to make intimate relationships better.

Having a five-year plan can really help the couple stay focused and leave little room for infidelity and conflict.

Have meetings

In a business, the long-term plans are often broken down into shorter-term goals. This can be the same in relationships, complete with frequent meetings or dates to catch up and discuss the progress thus far. These conversations can be a great tool to build trust and just enjoy each other as a couple. This practice also encourages open communication, which will strengthen the union in the long run.

Division of labour

In a business, employees have clear descriptions of their individual tasks based on their qualification and experience, then they focus on completing them. Couples can employ a similar approach by focusing on the tasks that play to their strengths.

Strong support

There is an old adage, ‘no man is an island’, which basically means that everyone needs support. This is especially applicable when it comes to intimate relationships. The supportive role in an intimate relationship is everyone’s job, and it’s a very important function because each person needs to feel that they are not alone and they are wanted.

Teamwork makes the dream work

In business, success can mean the difference between a strong, united team and a divided one. When you’re in a relationship, you’re on a team. This team is made stronger with commitment from all parties. Some relationships suffer because one partner is not doing his/her part.

Fun times and team-building exercises

Businesses have retreats and fun days for their employees to build rapport and morale in the workplace. During these activities, employees are encouraged to relax, get to know each other and relieve stress. Vacation and date nights are similar types of activities that are integral to the success of intimate relationships and can include sexual activities. Being able to enjoy each other is paramount and couples should make it a priority to engage in intimate fun as often as possible.


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