Cabinet approves Campbell-Brown school

January 12, 2023
Veronica Campbell-Brown
Veronica Campbell-Brown

Cabinet has approved the renaming of Troy Primary School in South Trelawny to Veronica Campbell-Brown Primary School.

Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sports, Olivia Grange, who made an initial announcement in 2018, confirmed the change while speaking with STAR Sports recently. The institution bore the name of the community it is in for 139 years.

"Cabinet has signed off on the name change of the school. We are just waiting on Veronica to confirm a time when she will be in Jamaica for the ceremony to be done. In addition to the renaming of the school, the cottage will be refurbished," Grange confirmed.

Campbell-Brown, who was born in Clarks Town, Trelawny, but attended Troy Primary, through her agent said, "she is aware of plans to rename the school, but has not been given any other information. As such she has no comment at this time."

The proposed name change is good news for Principal Keneisha McIntosh.

"We are all elated of the news that finally there is going to be this name change. It will put the name of the school on the lips of people worldwide. The naming of the school after the sprint icon will surely lift the profile of the school," the principal of the school with 216 students said.

McIntosh acknowledged that the Campbell- Brown Foundation has contributed to the school over the years.

"There have been timely donations to the school. These include computers and tablets. Most recently a multi-purpose court was constructed by her foundation."

She was elated that the cottage will be refurbished but wanted more to be done.

"The cottage is the same age as the school and has been allowed to fall into a state of almost ruins. We appreciate the refurbishing. It would be good if along with refurbishing, bathroom facilities for teachers can be constructed. Presently we share with the students," she said.

The school board chairman is Kevin Grant.

"I don't have enough words to express my joy. I am happy not only for the renaming which will bring notoriety to Troy but also the refurbishing of the cottage. I am sometimes scared when I see the children playing in the area. I have prayed that nothing happens to them. I am very very pleased," Grant expressed.

Clayton Collins is a retired principal of the school. He is proud to have been Veronica's first athletic coach.

"I never saw this day when the school would be renamed in her honour. She richly deserves the honour. I am sure Troy will occupy an even more important spot on Trelawny's landscape and profile," Clayton expressed.

C. Junior Gager is the councillor for the Warsop Division in which the school falls.

"It is richly deserving and a timely addition to Troy's profile," Gager added.

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