Being single at Christmas doesn’t have to be lonely

December 03, 2019

It’s officially December, which means that it’s only a matter of weeks until Christmas, and if you’re single, it’s probably the time of year that depresses you the most because you really feel the effects of not being in a relationship.

It seems like at this time of year, everyone but you is part of a couple, and all the events are infested with happy pairs of people in love.

It’s not easy being single during the festive season, but there are ways to get through while having fun and meeting new people along the way.

Have a gift exchange with your friends – Get together with your friends, put all your names in a hat and have each person choose the name of a person for whom a gift will be purchased within an agreed budget. The gifts can be exchanged on or before Christmas.

Designate a Christmas companion (parrie) – This person will be your official date to various holiday events. So get together and plan your events calendar and have fun!

Pamper yourself – The year has been hectic for most of us, so take some time to indulge in some self-care by slowing down and relaxing for a few days.

Take a child home for the holidays – Sometimes the best thing you can do during the holidays is make it great for someone else. There is a programme that allows children of the state to go home with responsible adults for the holidays. Sharing your time and home with someone in need can really make the holidays worthwhile.

Volunteer your time – There are several non-governmental organisations that conduct special projects that benefit the less fortunate during the holidays. From feeding the homeless to spending time with the residents at old age homes, these organisations are always seeking the assistance of volunteers to execute these programmes.

Being single during the holidays can be lonely, and some persons have a difficult time, but it’s possible to have fun and even help some people as well.

In fact, you can even meet other single people and form meaningful bonds as a result. So instead of focusing on what you don’t have this Christmas, find ways to make the most of it.

Have fun and stay sexy!

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