Husbands are more stressful than children

September 10, 2019

The modern woman deals with stress on a daily basis. From her demanding job to her demand children, external family members, even her demanding husband. Even with all the demands on her time, focus and abilities, the stress can be even more taxing especially when it’s coming from the person who is supposed to be helping her cope – her husband. New studies have emerged that women experience more stress from their husbands than even their children.

According to a survey conducted by American TV show, ‘Today’, featuring 7,000 wives and mothers, 46 per cent of these women say that they feel more stress from their husbands than their children.

The most popular complaint is that the women feel that their husbands are more like big children rather than their partner. It’s especially more difficult for working mothers, because the leave one job at the office and then have to take on their second job at home without any real support from their husbands. A big part of this stress has to do with how gender roles are divided – women are still expected to do all the domestic duties.

So many of these women complain that they cannot depend on their husbands for support, especially with challenges that have to do with the household and the children.

Men expect to relax when they get home from a busy workday, but their wives don’t have that option because the children have to be taken care of and the wives have to prepare the meals, help with the homework, do the chores, and make plans for the following day. And then she is also expected to fulfil her ‘wife duties’ and nurture her sexual relationship with her husband.


So much of the stress she experiences daily affects her interest in sex, and this is a constant complaint that many husbands have because they are generally disappointed about the sexual frequency in the relationship.

Living in our fast-paced 21st-century world is stressful for everybody, but there are changes that couples can make to help relieve some of each other’s stresses. Husbands can make more of an effort to take on some of the responsibilities that their wives have to deal with, like being more active with the children – take on the homework duties.

Wives can be more vocal and ask/demand more from her husband when it comes to domestic duties. Or just hire some help. However they decide to tackle the challenges, it must start with some clear communication and a plan that can help relieve some of the pressure and make more time for each other as a couple.

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