Money matters can mash up relationships

August 27, 2019

When it comes to money and relationships, we all know the history. Back in the day, men brought home the bacon and women stayed home and made sure that the meals were made.

However, it’s modern times now and in many relationships, both partners are bringing home their own bacon and cooking.

But there are challenges many couples face with this paradigm when it comes to money. So many couples deal with money-related conflicts almost every day and these can even cause some of these relationships to end.

Before you start packing your bags, here are some tips that can be used to combat the ‘money challenges’.


n Make a budget: A budget is possibly one of the most useful financial tools that couples can use to help reduce their money conflicts. Deciding as a couple how you will be spending your money will make it easier to keep track of the household income and give you the flexibility to make long-term plans.

n Save for it: Sometimes, as a couple, you will have financial goals – like buying a home –but the money is not there right away. Take a look at your pooled resources and decide how much and for how long you need to save to achieve it.

n Have money meetings: In this forum, you can make plans, see where you are with current plans, keep track of debts, and even discuss your financial future together.

n You don’t have to buy it: We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with commercials telling us that we need to make another purchase. Don’t fall prey to them, because that’s the fastest way to derail your financial plans as a couple.

n Start a retirement fund: Retirement is not a very sexy subject and in this economy, it’s not always possible to consider it because current expenses are high. But we must try to put something away for the future because it is necessary. Fortunately, there are many plans available that couples can explore through a consultation with a financial adviser.


Couples must invest the time and effort to ensure that they resolve their money issues. It’s not enough to just wing it and hope it will all work out. Feel free to employ the services of a financial expert, if required.

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