Throuple, anyone?

June 11, 2019

When it comes to intimate relationships, we typically expect two persons to fall in love and commit to each other. However, it is the 21st century, and everything has changed, including relationships. These days, one very popular form of relationship is the ‘throuple’.

Loosely defined, a throuple is a committed, intimate relationship that includes three persons. The genders can vary, but the popular formation of the throuple is two females and one male. Just to be very clear, there is a difference between a threesome and a throuple. With a threesome, the experience is just sexual and does not include a long-term commitment, unlike persons in a throuple, who are actually in a full-on romantic committed relationship with each other.

For so many persons, the idea of a throuple can be daunting and very strange, but there are merits to this type of union. Honestly, for the man who fantasizes about being with two women at the same time, a throuple may be a dream come true. But how does a throuple really work?

Division of Labour

With the presence of three adults, it’s easy to divide the family duties, especially if they have children. One person can manage the household, and the other two can focus on something else, like earning the money. This set-up can really make use of the special skills that each person possesses.

More Income

A throuple can take advantage of all three of the partners working and making money for the household. The benefit gets better if they split the expenses and each ends up paying less money overall.

Exciting Sex

One of the best parts of being in a throuple is the intimacy. In traditional couples, partners can sometimes lose interest in sex for various reasons, including being tired, stressed, etc, and this can cause a big rift in the relationship. In a throuple, the sex is one of the best perks, especially for the man. He gets to choose between each of his partners, or he can choose both.

Effective Communication

A throuple cannot work without effective communication; just figuring out everyone’s schedule will take a real conversation. This is especially true if they have children. Simple decisions like buying food, paying bills, having a date night, etc, will require all parties’ input.

Personally, I am a fan of the throuple, and I think that exploring a relationship outside of the traditional couple can be a great option for some persons. Many of us are already failing at monogamy. If we are honest, we will acknowledge that there are so many couples that have an extra person on the side (perhaps without one knowledge). But my point is, we are already open to a throuple. So it’s perhaps time to have that conversation. Throuple, anyone?


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