Going online to find romance

April 23, 2019

Once upon a time, meeting a possible new romantic partner meant physically meeting the person, having an encounter, exchanging phone numbers and following up.

In the 21st century, meeting someone new can start on a dating site, an app or even in just sliding in the DM. With approximately 7,500 dating sites online, over 49 million people have signed up to find love – 59 per cent of Americans feel that the Interenet is an effective way of meeting new people.

Popular site eHarmony.com says it’s responsible for about 4 per cent of marriages in the US, and about 17 per cent of overall marriages in 2017 are from relationships that started online (source: www.datingadvice.com). With the amazing power of the Internet, geography is no longer a restriction when it comes to finding love.

Couples are creating meaningful and lasting connection through long conversations they have online. Even sex is possible with the right app and some imagination. Finding love online has its challenges, but there are advantages to expanding the search for love beyond one’s geographic region.

The fact that these couple can only rely on their conversations with each other to maintain their connection, they really make an effort to communicate effectively. Using a variety of apps and sites, these couples share important aspects of their lives with each other as they get to know more and become more connected. There is also the cultural exposure because so many of us only know about another country through the media. With this personal relationship, the experience is much more direct and can even be very different from what is seen in the mainstream.

Sometimes individuals choose to move to the countries where their new online lover lives. There are so many single women who are just so frustrated with the slim pickings that they say are left after all the good men and married, not interested in them or just gay.

Perhaps going online is an option that they should explore – the great thing is that based on the variety of sites and the ability to filter searches, there is someone out there for everyone.

With travel made easier and technology making communication easier, couples are more diverse and love is ever more colourful. It’s amazing how much closer the world seems and how easy it is to connect with a stranger from a completely different country, culture and experience. So if you have a problem finding that special person in your community, feel free to take the search online, you just may find the love of your life.


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