Relationships require trust

April 02, 2019

In the beginning, relationships are about a couple enjoying each other’s company while learning important details that can help them determine whether they want to make a long-term commitment. During this period of the relationship – also known as the ‘honeymoon period’ – the couple has the most fun, share, great chemistry intimacy, and love feels really good.

As they grow closer and they become more familiar with each other, the feeling of euphoria that comes with the ‘honeymoon period’ can sometimes fade and make way for feelings of distrust and insecurities.

A quick look at Reality TV shows like Love and Hip Hop or any of the Real Housewives will demonstrate that the ‘feel-good’ part of a relationship can fade pretty quickly.

It’s really interesting to see the tactics that some of these women employ to keep tabs on their men to ensure their fidelity and how it affects the relationship. Some of the measures can be pretty extreme and time consuming.

Full access

One way these women keep tabs on their men is through demanding full access to all communication – from email address and password to social media activities, including access to direct messaging. I’ve seen couples fight over some comments that were made on social media under a random photograph of a model or a celebrity.

There are apps that allow the user to track the location of devices and, therefore, the owner, in real time. This is a tool frequently used by jealous spouses to keep closer tabs on the whereabouts of their partner. These apps are very precise and easy to use.

Some partners just impose strict rules on their spouses that govern the way they relate to each other. These can range from who they can be friends with to how they dress, especially when they are not in each other’s presence.

Relationships are hard work, and it’s not easy to completely trust spouses, so sometimes people get creative. Jealousy can be an ugly monster that makes individuals behave in very extreme and inappropriate ways. So be honest with each other and build on trust so you can have a great union together.

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