Pastor 'Mumma' sentenced to almost 10 years in prison

October 03, 2023
Photo of mumma

Pastor Stephanie Christie, also known as 'Mumma', was this morning sentenced to nine years and 10 months in prison as the curtains close on the Clansman-One Don gang trial. 

The sentence was passed down by Chief Justice Bryan Sykes, who said it was clear from the evidence that Christie was not only a critical member, but possessed social skills vital to the gang.

"She was a willing participant and was willing to lend her skills to the gang to further its criminal purpose," Sykes said.

Two former gang members had testified  that she was gang’s liaison officer, who would communicate with the police, provide inside information and secure lawyers and bail bond for gang members who were arrested.

She was also heard having extended conversation about the gang's operations, and the behaviour of some of her cronies, with one of the ex-gang members turned star witness.

The ordained minister asked the court for leniency so that she can return to care for her teenage daughter.

According to Christie she as always been heavily involved in church ministry, social and community activities and as a result person are drawn to her.

She claimed that is how she became involved with the gang leader Andre 'Blackman' Bryan, as he would come to her for encouragement and advice for his businesses.

The judge in calculating Christie's sentence started at 16 years then reduced it by two years for the mitigating factors, and four years and two months for which she had already served in prison.

- Tanesha Mundle 

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