Teen reportedly stabbed by male admirer

September 26, 2023

A teen was reportedly stabbed after he threw a stone to reject the sexual advances of another male.

The teen became emotional in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court yesterday as he shared details of the incident, which reportedly took place last month. According to the teen, the defendant touched him on his leg, which made him uncomfortable. The teen shared further that the defendant related that he was bisexual, but preferred men more than women. This admission, according to the teen, was recorded on a cell phone. The teen shared further that he grabbed the defendant's cell phone and threw a stone at him, when he was chased by the defendant and stabbed on his finger with a knife.

But the defendant explained that he cared for the teen and was hoping to be a mentor to him.

"But you have expressed certain things to him that would have disqualified you from mentoring him. If there is a young man who come around me and I say to him, 'You know I like young men,' and if him brown I tell him I like brown men, I'm already disqualified, and he's saying that he was touched in a way that made him feel uncomfortable. That's why him take up rock stone and fling at you, and in the Jamaican context we live in, I can understand it," the presiding judge reasoned.

The defendant agreed to compensate the teen in the sum of $80,000 as part of the sentencing for the charge of unlawful wounding. The presiding judge ordered that all the monies are to be paid when the matter returns to court on November 23. - T.T.

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