Jamaican mongrel dies in Canada

May 31, 2023
Princess Pauline
Princess Pauline
Princess Pauline
Princess Pauline

Princess Pauline, one of the 144 mongrels that migrated to Canada in March 2021, has died. The dog's owners announced its passing via the animal's Instagram page on the weekend.

"Yesterday we said goodbye to Pauline, who passed away from an unknown tumour on her spleen that had ruptured. She passed in the car in my lap on the way to the emergency vet. We miss her so much already. For now, this account will just hold her memory. Maybe one day when we decide to foster again we will continue posting, but for now rest in paradise Pauline, I wish yesterday never happened. I love you so much," the post read.

When contacted by THE STAR for comment yesterday, the owner of Princess Pauline was overcome with emotion and unable to speak.

"I would be open to doing an interview, however, I think I need a little bit more time yet. This is still very fresh and it is a very emotional situation," the dog's owner said via Instagram.

Princess Pauline and the other canines were taken on a chartered flight to Canada. The migration was made possible through Tammy Browne, director of Montego Bay Animal Haven, who is the conceptualiser of Jamaica's first international dog adoption programme.

Browne reached out to Save Our Scruff, a non-profit animal-rescue organisation in Canada, which welcomed her idea of having the mongrels migrated. Montego Bay Animal Haven also offered its condolences to Princess Pauline's owners.

"Omgoodness, I am so very, very sorry! Bless you so much for the amazing loving home you gave a little street dog from Jamaica, so sorry. Lots of tears here, massive, massive hugs to you," the organisation posted via its Instagram page.

Princess Pauline had garnered more than 300 followers on Instagram. The page's description highlighted that the mongrel enjoyed adventures and car rides. Dozens of photos also showed her frolicking in the snow or merely enjoying the great outdoors.

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