Social media personality Valdomore expanding into music

April 18, 2023

What started out as a skit from social media personality Valdomore has blossomed into a new lane for his career.

In a video that has gone viral, his latest persona ‘1SkiMask’ makes light of the current culture of dancehall while simultaneously showing off his lyricism. Speaking with THE STAR, he declared that he is not opposed to expanding his brand beyond comedy.

“This song that we have been hearing is an unreleased song. So it was also a song from a skit, it was a few lines and that was it, then I went to this stage show, Aidonia’s birthday party, and I got called up by 450 and Deno Crazy. And in that moment, I just took the opportunity ‘cause people already love ‘Ski’, so I just decided to do it on stage as well, and it went up from there. It created a whole talked-about situation and people just love the vibe and the energy and the song itself,” he said.

“We have a lot in store, we just a work at this point, just doing what the people love and what they want to see and just entertaining at this point,” he continued.

Currently, '1SkiMask' has more than 18,000 followers on Instagram. Valdomore said that since the debut of his alter ego late last month, he has seen an increase in calls and booking and he is maximising the opportunity.

“It has shown some form of growth to me that say okay, work is being done and people are gravitating towards the whole movement. People are actually having a time of their life where they are saying this is some form of new entertainment where they can listen and laugh or whatever else they want. We have a great team as well, the entire Tru Ambassador family. We are getting the work done,” he said.

Though the skits were not planned and came from him looking at topics that were trendy, he is happy with the impact that it has created. Since the beginning of this year, Valdomore, whose given name is Rivaldo Lyle, has uploaded a few tracks to his Vevo account including Ye Ye Ye Ye and Love You. According to him, he is all for expansion and not being put in a box.

“We would love to expand our brand and not have our name under just one category. We want to expand and do more, whether it is content creating and movies, songs and the list goes on. We are not limited in creating, we are open to create anything that works. We are just growing and expanding,” he said.

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