Recording artiste Lee Dann ties the knot

March 31, 2023
Recording artiste Dennis ‘Lee Dann’ Cunningham with his wife Melissa.
Recording artiste Dennis ‘Lee Dann’ Cunningham with his wife Melissa.

On March 17, recording artiste Lee Dann made things official with his long-time girlfriend Melissa McPherson in a ceremony on the lawns of A Mi Fi Tell You Lounge and Grill in Runaway Bay, St Ann.

Speaking to THE WEEKEND STAR, the singer, whose give name is Dennis Cunningham, said that he found his wife during a time when he was not searching for love. This was 11 years ago and they have never looked back.

"I was working at a resort doing water sports, because I work in the tourism industry. I met some tourists and there was this girl and she really liked me, but she was white and she was there with a wedding party. The day she was leaving, she was saying goodbye to us and saw me on the beach and she was sad that she was leaving. We were not dating or anything. She said too that there is this girl that works around here and I should go and find her and we would make a wonderful couple. When I went to lunch, there was my wife. It was very hard trying my luck. I was not really looking for love and it appeared out of nowhere from that day, I start trying to get to know Melissa," he explained.

Sure that the love between them was real, he explained that there was no need for a fancy proposal as they both just knew it was time for them to tie the knot. In front of about 40 guests, they sealed the deal.

"Melissa has been with me through thick and thin. If me go jail a morning, which won't happen because I am a law-abiding citizen, I know that Melissa will always be there. She is very independent and she works hard. We start something and we work together as a team over the years," he shared.

"I do music and she come around me and support me and I have really struggled with music over the years. We work together and raise the children and I have no regrets. I can't say it is without struggle, because me and Melissa are two different people and that's why we end up here, to that perfect day," he shared.

Though their day saw showers of rain, he described them as blessings. Moving forward with his blended family and his music, Lee Dann is optimistic about what life has in store for him.

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