Boyfriend thinks I’m giving him a ‘jacket’

August 13, 2020

Dear Pastor,

I am 31 years old and I am living with my boyfriend. I am having a problem because I am two months pregnant.

I know that he is responsible for getting me pregnant but he does not think so. I used to have another boyfriend before I met this man and he was living alone.

I was always there with him. I used to leave work, drive straight to his home because I have a car, and cook for him.

Our relationship started to go sour when I got to realise that he got a girl to whom he used to teach mathematics pregnant.

This girl was very 'facety' with me and she cursed me and told me to leave her man alone. This man did not stand up for me.

At one time he told me that I should do exactly what the girl said. So, I left him and got involved with this young man. A better relationship I could not have.

My problem is that I told him too much and now he is throwing many of the things I said to him in my face.

For example, I told him that the guy and I did not use the condom whenever we had sex.

I do not have children and I would love to have children, and time is catching up on me, and this guy that I am living with is younger than I am.

My present boyfriend has fathered three children but he has doubts in his mind that he is the one who got me pregnant.

Regardless of how many times I have counted on my fingers why it cannot be the other guy, he does not want to accept what I say. But I know that this guy impregnated me.

I can't wait for this child to be born so that I can do a DNA test, but I need his assistance as I prepare for the birth, so please help me.


Dear V.B.,

I know you have a right to be concerned, but if you know for sure that you have not gone to bed with any other man after leaving your former boyfriend, you should not be worried.

Your present boyfriend is concerned and he has a right to be. He is thinking, how can this woman be with another man and having sex with him regularly and he did not get her pregnant, and we have been together for short period of time and she got pregnant. I think it is just natural for him to reason that way.

But I repeat, if you have not gone with any other man, you should not be worried.


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