Lots of sex doesn’t hurt anyone

February 25, 2020

Dear Pastor,

The reason why some women find it difficult to trust their friends around their men is because women like to compete against each other.

If the man is a good man, other women would want to get involved with him.

Lots of sex doesn't hurt anyone. Some men and women have high sex drives. When I was young, my wife and I had sex every day and we enjoyed it.

As we have got older, we have slowed down a bit. Sex is a good thing.

I had an account before my relationship, what was in that account is for my children and me. But in starting a new relationship, my spouse and I can save and share together.

The average women in Jamaica are mean and selfish. They do not believe in sharing what they have. They don't share bills with men; they don't take a man on a date.

Any man who finds a woman who would give him a treat or share a bill with him is very lucky.


Dear G.O.,

You are a man and you have experience. Women can be just as jealous as men. Very few women would trust other women around their men.

Some women are aggressive and they just want the opportunity to get involved with the husbands or boyfriends of their friends.

It has happened time and time again. And some men trust their friends, but their friends have let them down.

They have approached their women and have affairs with them. These things happen every day.

So, some women say that their husbands are jealous, but sometimes it is the women who cause these men to be jealous.

God bless the man whose wife would be faithful to him, and God bless the woman who would be faithful to her husband.

You have made a good point about sex. Some women are highly sexual. They want sex every night and even when the men have failed to keep up with them, they complain, and have even threatened them that they might go out and have affairs because their men are not giving them enough sex.

Some will not go to sleep unless the men have sex with them. And if the men cannot live up to their demand, they laugh at them and tell them that was why one should not condemn men who would allow their women to buy sex toys to help satisfy them.

You talked about women who are selfish and do not like to assist in paying bills. Well, as a counsellor, I can say that I have met some women who have had to pay all the bills without the help of men.

It is not easy for them at all. I keep saying that couples should make a budget and pool their money and pay the bills out of a special account.

By doing so, they do not have to complain or rely on one person to take care of bills. They would be doing so together.


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