Stepson just wants to smoke weed all day

February 24, 2020

Dear Pastor,

I am 60 years old. I have been reading your column for a long time. I went to live in New York, but I have returned home. I have a stepson and he is living with us.

He got himself into trouble, so we took him in. He is making our lives miserable. He has a girlfriend. She comes from a good family. We wonder how come she is still with him.

The moment he gets up in the morning, he smokes the weed. Sometimes he sits under the mango tree, smokes, and then walks around staring into space.

No manners

I used to talk to him, but I don't anymore because he has no manners. His girlfriend visits him, but we have a rule in the house that she should not sleep here since they are not married.

He told our neighbours that the reason why we are not getting along is because I wanted to have sex with his girlfriend and because she disagreed, I told him she could not stay at our house.

His mother knows that that is not true. But he tells that story to everybody. I have asked him to leave many times, but he has declared that he has nowhere to go, and his mother is always pleading for him. I am scared to go to bed in my own house.

Pastor, I am begging you for your advice.


Dear M.J,

I get the impression that if this young man would quit smoking the ganja, get himself a job, be respectful and contribute to the running of the home, you would not object to have him living there until he is able to rent or purchase his own place.

Right now you have a stepson who is disrespectful and wants to rule you in your own house. That cannot be tolerated.

And if you are scared to live in your own house, it is time for you to get the assistance of the court to throw him out.

This young man needs help. He is addicted to the drugs, but there are places from which he can get help.

He can contact Rise Life M anagement Services, 57 East Street, Kingston. Their telephone numbers are 876-967-3778, 888-991-4146, mobile 876-967-3777. They would be glad to help him .

This young man has embarrassed you by accusing you of wanting to have an affair with his girlfriend. Some people would believe him; some would not.

But that is his way of trying to shame you and to reproach you. Please sir, take this matter in hand. Talk to a lawyer and he or she would advise you how to get this young man out of your house.


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