Girlfriend told my daughter she was a ‘jacket’

October 11, 2019

Dear Pastor,

This is the second time I am writing to you, but I listen to you every night and I read your column. I drive a taxi for a living. This taxi is not mine.

I am 50 years old. You know how it goes; I have to work to pay the owner and work to pay myself. I live with a woman. She is not working and she is very demanding.

I have a daughter and she has a son. My daughter is in high school and her son is not yet in high school. She doesn't like when my daughter comes around.

She comes every weekend, and this woman asks me why she has to come every weekend for money. I told her she was coming around because she is my daughter.

Whenever my daughter comes, I share my dinner with her. I told this woman that she could put a little dinner in a plate for my daughter whenever she comes, but I noticed that she doesn't do it.

So I don't eat until my daughter comes and we can share my dinner.

I am so upset with this woman, because one day she looked at me and said to me, right before my daughter, that she looks like a 'jacket'. I did not expect that from her.

Since that day, I knew she was putting doubts in my mind about my daughter. We are living in my father's house. My mother is dead.

My father is not coming back to Jamaica, so this house is mine. I will never let this woman get it because she has bad mind.

I give her everything that I can, but she doesn't want my daughter to have anything.

From the time I met her, I told her about my daughter. Sometimes when I give my daughter money for school, I don't have anything in my pocket.

I have to go back on the road to hustle on Sunday nights. What do you think about this woman?


Dear E.P.,

This is not a good woman. She should be happy to have you as her man because you are a trying individual. She is totally out of order to tell you that your daughter is a jacket.

And even if she felt that way, she should not have said it in your daughter's presence.

This woman is senseless. She knows that she is not employed and that you have to work very hard to support her and her son, and to take care of the household.

Putting away a little dinner for you r daughter should not be strenuous at all. She doesn't want your daughter around. She wants everything for herself.

I cannot encourage you to go further in this relationship. This woman has bad mind. She is very selfish. You should end this relationship.


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