I want to help a gifted nurse

September 20, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I hope you are in the best of health. I would like to put a situation to you. My sister was admitted at a well-known private hospital for 13 days.

I visited every day, twice a day. On my second day, I met a practical nurse. This nurse was always on her feet, always working, and I wondered if she ever took a break.

She was always polite and willing to help.

She would come and check and replace the IV fluids. She could always answer any questions regarding my sister, and she had a really awesome personality.

I realised that whenever a registered nurse or doctor came in the room to do a procedure, she would come. I overheard another relative saying they just love her and wanted to take her home.

She was very eager to learn. I would hear her asking the doctor questions.

So I asked her why she didn't upgrade to a registered nurse and she told me she was in the process. I asked a registered nurse about her and she told me that she reads a lot and knew procedures that would qualify her as a registered nurse.

But she also stated that she could not perform certain duties due to the restrictions of the job description as a practical nurse.

On the last day visiting my sister, I was leaving when I saw the nurse in the parking lot talking to a woman. They were standing beside my car, so I overheard their conversation. It was her mom. She asked her for $5,000 and she gave her less and said that's all she had. Her mom asked how her job was, and she told her mom how she enjoyed doing what she loved, but also how difficult it was for her to upgrade herself.

She said it was very difficult to get a guarantor for a student loan because people fear that some students may run off, leaving them in debt.

After she left, I approached her mom and told her who I was and that I would like to help. Her mom told me they were poor but out of the six children, she was the only one who fought her way up to a higher education.

She said she had so much faith, she applied to nursing school not knowing where the money would come from.


She has a diploma in practical nursing and graduated as valedictorian and got honours in five nursing areas. I confirmed this with her former principal and chairman.

I got her bank account information from her mother. With the care that this young woman demonstrated, I'm willing to go the extra mile to assist her.

I'm also asking anyone who can assist to please do so. We need more nurses who have passion for the job like this young woman.


Dear S.B.,

I am glad that you are showing interest in this woman. I am glad that she has treated your sister well and I wish the nurse every success.

We cannot publish the information that you have given to me. I cannot verify what you have said. If you would ask the nurse to contact me, I would gladly meet with her to discuss what you have written about. I hope you understand.


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