Boyfriend ready to claim my ex’s child

September 20, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I am 21 and I am in a relationship with a man who is 22. When I met him, I was already two months pregnant but I did not know.

I broke up with the baby's fathe soon after we had sex. He was married but didn't tell me until after we had sex, so we agreed to separate.

My boyfriend was always after me, so we got together. When I realised I was pregnant and we checked, we knew that it could not be his child.

But he decided that I shouldn't tell anybody; he would accept the baby as his.

I had already told my sister that I am pregnant, but it is not for my boyfriend. I told her not to say anything, but she told my mother and my mother told my father. My mother told me that I should register the child in the right father's name.

My boyfriend is very upset about that because he has spent a lot of money on me already. But my mother told me that if my boyfriend loved me, he would understand.

In whose name should I register the child?

Initial withheld

Dear Writer,

This is not a matter of giving anybody a 'jacket'. This man knows that he is not the biological father. He has taken on full responsibility.

He would be very upset if you register this child in the other man's name. I confess to you that this is a very difficult one for me, but probably what you should do is to ask the married man if he has any objection if you were to register the child in your boyfriend's name. His reaction would help you to make your final decision.

I doubt your boyfriend would agree for you to register this child in the biological father's name. Perhaps a lawyer might assist you in arriving at a decision.


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