Babyfather is a deadbeat dad

September 20, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I am in my early 20s and my babyfather is 29. I am not getting enough support for my child. He has been in the Cayman Islands for more than a year.

When he just went over there, he used to send money, but since he changed his job, he has turned into a deadbeat father.

Whenever I ask him about money for the baby, he would curse me and say many disrespectful things to me. Even when my son was sick and I told him, he didn't respond.

He would tell me to go and sell my vagina if I wanted things for the baby.

I used to love him, but now I am growing out of love for him. This man used to cheat on me and abuse me for no reason. Sometimes I wonder if I have a fault.


I told him it's over, but he said that I could not tell him that. I am not working and I have no support otherwise. Sometimes I am so stressed out and wonder what would make him not want to support the baby.


Dear M.W.,

I don't know why this man has changed. But what I would suggest that you do is to try your best and get yourself a job. Put the baby in day care, or find someone who has retired but would be willing to take care of the baby at a reasonable cost every week.

It is going to be tough, but so many women have been able to work and support their children. God will judge this man for his wickedness. Don't go toe to toe with him by cursing him. However, he should be forced to support his child through the court.

Perhaps you should go to the Family Court here in Jamaica and ask them for guidance. I am sure that there are lawyers in Cayman who would represent you if you are willing to pursue the matter.

If you know where he works, that would be of great help to the lawyer. I wish I could say more, but again I say, Family Court may give you guidance.


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