High school friend is a sex freak

September 18, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I'm in need of your insight. I had a friend. We went to high school together, and when we were schoolmates, things were great.

After we graduated, we kept in touch, but we didn't converse heavily like before. In March of this year, we again started speaking to each other.

We discussed having feelings for one another, and then decided to 'cross the line'. After we had sex, I started to hear less and less from him.

I informed him that I had not seen my period for nine weeks and he blocked me. I was distraught and worried, but luckily, I was not pregnant.

Couple months went by and I decided to reach out to him so I could get peace of mind. He was open to communicating with me, but he was heavily disrespectful.

He suggested taking me out to converse, but he stood me up. One day we were on the phone and he hung up on me for no reason.

He read my text messages and didn't reply. I haven't done anything wrong to this young man.

We were great friends during high school, and when his brother was murdered he confided in me. I told him since sex with me was his intention, he shouldn't have brought up sympathetic stories from his upbringing to me.

He should have left that at the door. I have no idea where all this hostility against me has risen from.

I've matured and learned not to take anything personal, because he has self-conflict issues that he needs to resolve within himself.

I was a great friend whom he confided in, and now he has turned against me and has disrespected me in the worst ways.

I had to go to the clinic and get tested because he gave me a yeast infection twice.

He confessed to me one night after we had sex that he likes to indulge in anal sex. I asked him if he participated in anal activities with every woman he sleeps with and he said "no".

When I asked him why he decided to inform me of his anal desires, he said "because I trust you".

Pastor, because of the disrespect, hostility, unhygienic sex practices and inconsistency, I let him loose.

My question to you is, why is he so disrespectful towards me? I have not done anything wrong.

I was even the bigger person who reached out to him so I could know the reasons for his unexplainable behaviour and disrespect.

- C.H.

Dear C.H.,

I am sorry to hear that this man used you; he deceived you, and that is so sad. He did not mean you any good.

And if he had impregnated you, he probably would not have supported the child, so thank God you did not get pregnant.

Do not mope over this man. Accept what happened as a very bad experience. Learn this: this man did not tell you the truth about his sex life.

He lied to you. Do not risk your life with such a man. I will be praying for you.


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