I sent his girlfriend naked pictures of me and him in bed

September 17, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I am almost 21 years old. I have been with my babyfather for almost four years now. Through our relationship, he lied to me about a girlfriend he had. I love this man and wanted him for myself. He is 46 years old. He can help himself and provide for his son. I fought the girl out of the relationship with him. I sent her naked pictures of me and him in bed, and called her multiple times for her to hear when we are together.

I was working and was focusing on saving my money to finish my room and to go back to school to get a degree in human resource management. During my pregnancy, he abandoned me because I slept with my ex-boyfriend when my belly was only three months. He was partying and going to dinners with two other females, who laughed and rubbed pictures of him and them in my face.


Eventually, he came around when I gave birth to his son. After that incident, I swore that I would never allow another man to let me humiliate myself like that ever again. I know he loves me, but my question is why does love has to hurt? I grew without a mom and I don't want my son to grow without his dad.

One of the women he was messing around with is now six months pregnant. She wanted this multiple times. She told me that she's not leaving him so I might as well get used to her being around. He denies that he is responsible for the pregnancy and said that the child is not his.

Pastor, the same way he treated me when I was pregnant, it is the same he's doing to her. He said that I am his wife and he wants a life with me, but his actions are the opposite.


Dear S.L,

If you consider yourself as 'wife material', as men often describe some women, and you want this man to marry you, you have to behave as a lady. You can't be so slack by sending other women nude pictures of yourself and the man you say that you love. Think of what you have said in your letter. You were three months pregnant and to spite this man, you had sex with your ex-boyfriend. That is gross.

Now, this guy tells you that you are his wife. Time will tell if he means it. Learn to control your anger. Learn to behave. Stick with one man. Your ex-boyfriend is going to laugh at the man you consider your boyfriend because he knows that you can't be trusted.


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