Massive crowds expected at Lime Cay

October 14, 2022
Boaters enjoying a day at Lime Cay.
Boaters enjoying a day at Lime Cay.

As locals prepare for a weekend of frolic, the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) said that it is prepared to battle an influx of persons to the popular Lime Cay this Heroes Weekend.

"There will be an influx of persons here on Monday (Heroes' Day). I am sure that there will be an influx here Saturday, Sunday and Monday," said Chanel Raynor, coordinator for NEPA's ecosystems management branch. However, she said that through specialised capacity building and training of Port Royal residents, littering and great environmental breaches will not be tolerated on the cays.

"Through Y-Knot [Bar and Grill] and the Marine police, they would report any environmental breach or observations that they have seen, or any garbage they have seen on the cay. Y- Knot or any other group that comes out here to take the tourists, will remove the garbage and take it to land," she said.

Y-Knot provides transportation for locals to and from the cays in close proximity to Port Royal. Raynor added that the excursions serve as an economic source for the coastal town.

Before travelling to the cays, persons are informed about the rules of what they are allowed to do there.

"They self-police the area and that's one of the successes of this area. There is a caretaker for Lime Cay and he walks behind people and tells them to pick up their garbage," the officer indicated.

She predicted that after the holiday weekend, checks would be made at the cays to ensure that the location was properly cleaned and is free from rubbish or other environmental waste.

"For example, after some of the parties, people have left port-a-potties on the cays and we have to come back and tell the organisers to go for it. When they leave garbage on the cays, is either we get someone to remove it or we take enforcement action and order you to remove the garbage," Raynor said.

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