Man punches babymother for talking back to him

October 06, 2022

A Corporate Area man confessed to injuring the mother of his four-month-old child, as he did not like the way she spoke to him.

Jermaine Lake pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding in the Kingston and St Andrew parish Court on Wednesday. It was reported that on September 12, the complainant was on her way home, having left a restaurant where she celebrated her birthday earlier. Upon reaching a section of the roadway, she was attacked by Lake, who kicked her, and punched her in her face and mouth. As she attempted to walk away, Lake began to choke her. The complainant indicated to the court that she suffered injuries and had to seek medical attention.

"Why you did that? Why did you beat up the mother of your child?" Chief Parish judge Chester Crooks asked.

"Sir, it was just a likkle misunderstanding. True she a deal wid me some way weh me never like, she a talk to me some way weh me never like," Lake explained.

Crooks, who was not satisfied with Lake's explanation, asked the prosecutor to share the details of the extent of the complainant's injuries. Though the contents were not shared with the court, Crooks ordered that Lake be remanded in custody.

Lake was made the subject of a fingerprint order and is to be taken back to court on October 6.

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