Woman gets 40 hours community service for talking

September 16, 2022

A call centre worker was sentenced to 40 hours community of service after pleading guilty to communicating with a prisoner in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court.

However, the defendant, 23-year-old Faithe Burton, explained to the court on Thursday that she was not aware that it was an offence to speak to incarcerated persons.

"I am truly sorry and I did not know it was illegal," she said.

"So, you didn't know it was illegal to talk to a prisoner? Seriously? How you could not have known it was illegal? So, you think that anyone can just go to a police station and talk? But how could that ever present as an orderly state of affairs," Senior Parish Judge Lori-Anne Cole-Montaque chided her.

It was reported that on August 3, Burton drove her Honda Fit motor vehicle on to the compound of a police station in the Corporate Area and parked adjacent to the area of the holding cells. After exited the vehicle shed stood by an aluminium louvre window, speaking with a prisoner.

"So, what were they saying to you?" asked judge Cole-Montaque.

"I didn't hear," Burton replied, adding that she did not say anything to the prisoner either.

"I was there trying to understand what the person was saying," she explained.

"Madam, 40 hours community service. That is the sentence of the court," the presiding judge declared.

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