Warder smuggles weed into prison

July 01, 2022

A now decommissioned corrections officer who confessed to introducing ganja into a penal institution was fined $200,000 or 12-months' imprisonment when he appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court yesterday.

Chief Parish Judge Chester Crooks scolded the defendant, Vascell Taylor, for his actions

"What you did, given the position that you hold, Sir, it is a very serious offence. You are an agent of the state. You are put in a position of trust, to uphold the rule of law and order. It's to reduce corruption basically. But you have compromised the level of corrections," Crooks said.

It was shared that Taylor, who worked at the Horizon Adult Remand Centre, was found with two parcels containing vegetable matter, which was later determined to be ganja. The weight of the substance was revealed to be two ounces.

Under section 80 (1) of the Corrections (Amendment) Act, 2021, the offender faces a fine not exceeding $3 million or a term of imprisonment of no more than three years. The offender could also be fined and confined. Crooks gave Taylor the opportunity to provide an explanation for his actions, given that he had no legal representation.

"I had some financial difficulties and I'm very sorry about it," Taylor told the judge in his own plea mitigation.

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