Rum, condoms stolen from Mobay shop

September 13, 2019

A St James man who allegedly broke into a wholesale and stole several items, to include numerous cases of alcohol and a case of condoms, was remanded in custody when he appeared before the St James Parish Court on Wednesday, September 11.

Dale Stewart, of a Porto Bello address, is charged with shop-breaking and larceny. He is to return to court on September 25.

Allegations are that on August 21 at 4:53 a.m., Stewart and another man entered the wholesale through the roof and made off with numerous items, to include 12 cases of Campari, one case of Red Label Wine, two cases of white overproof rum, 23 bottles of Appleton Rum, and one case of Rough Rider condoms.

The owner of the wholesale awoke and called the police on realising his establishment was being robbed. On the arrival of the police, Stewart reportedly tried to escape but was chased and held. He allegedly, later took the cops to a Railway Lane address where the items were being stored.

During Stewart's court appearance on Wednesday, he told presiding judge Sandria Wong-Small that he wanted to get a legal aid attorney.

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