Quick Cook stirring up new music

September 22, 2023
Dancehall deejay Quick Cook
Dancehall deejay Quick Cook

Dancehall deejay Quick Cook, known for his witty street slangs, says he is currently happy with the progress of his music career.

The slick-talking Quick Cook recently released a musical collaboration titled Three Face with dancehall mainstay Shane O. The track, which was produced jointly by Lenky Five-star, Bread Organisation, Rapid Production and Marvani, is enjoying heavy rotation on the airwaves both locally and abroad. Three Face was released last Friday.

"It's a joy enuh, to know we still have the current to have music playing on the air. So mi just wah big up all the DJs weh a give wi the support both locally and abroad," said a grateful Quick Cook, whose given name is Damion Lumley.

The deejay is also generating a buzz as a music producer. Over the past year, his home-based record label, Bread Organisation, has been voicing some of the more established voices in dancehall music. So far, the label has produced and released songs from the likes of Ding Dong, Bugle, Serani, I Octane, and Frisko Kid on the 'Money Ah Di Target' rhythm project, which also includes Quick Cook. The deejay and producer stated that the label was birthed out of a desire to chart his own musical destiny.

"Mi deh inna di music as an artiste a go through some serious difficulties with producers not voicing me. So I decided that mi a go start mi own thing because as a youth growing up, mi gi nuff producers, artistes and selectors strength inna di streets, so mi know say it possible. Mi did have a slang inna di streets weh say 'Bread' already, so mi just put two and two together and it a tek off since," he said.

Bread Organisation is also set to release another rhythm project, 'Henny Vibes', with Lenky Five-star as a co-producer. Henny Vibes will feature I Octane, a Shane O and T-Bone collaboration, Quada, 10Tik, Quick Cook and Laden.

Quick Cook is also enjoying airplay with the song Robot, which was produced by ZJ Liquid on the 'Py Py' rhythm and Breeze, which was produced by World Boom Music. He said his son, Damari 'Baby Fast' Lumley, who is 11, is the main source of inspiration behind his current drive.

"A him behind the creation a Bread Organisation. Him say 'Daddy, do yuh thing now' because me and him talk all the time. A him mi set the thing fah," Quick Cook said.

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