Lack of education fuels COVID ignorance, says Mr Lexx

September 21, 2021
Mr Lexx
Mr Lexx

Dancehall entertainer Mr Lexx believes that a lack of proper education is one reason why some Jamaicans have misinformation about the COVID-19 virus and the vaccine.

"You would have to be really ignorant to not realise a pandemic is happening. My problem is that there are a lot of people who foolishly think the virus does not exist, the individuals who, maybe their mother has to die for them to believe. But it does not have to reach there if the people are educated," he told THE STAR. "It goes back to our illiteracy problem. We are already a small island that doesn't have free education, so we have to find a means to address illiteracy the best way we can right now."

In Parliament last Wednesday, Prime Minister Andrew Holness stated that "Along with the pandemic, is the 'infodemic', the circulation of information that is not true." However, Mr Lexx expressed that the Government has used the wrong approach.

Mr Lexx said "The times of bullying and putting fear in people to make them do things are over. They have to reason genuinely with the people... say we are preparing for our country to get the vaccine, it's here, not saying you have to take it but I have made sure to provide it (so) people see that no one is treating anyone as a slave. Truth is, nobody is locking anyone in chains to do right. At the same time, inform the people properly, don't just enforce measures that they can't go outside or move, that approach will always be rejected."

Among the inconsistent information floating around is that the vaccines can cause sexual dysfunction. But public health officials have explained that while erectile dysfunction is not a side effect of the vaccines, there is some preliminary research that suggests that COVID-19 can negatively affect the penis, testes and sperm count.

Nonetheless the Dem A Pree deejay expressed that while he has no reason to fear impotency, he understands why others are.

"Of course, people will be scared to hear such information, especially when they are confused or don't understand. But then, it is up to a person to do his or own research and see what is good for them. When a doctor prescribes something for a person, they take it. It hasn't been said it is going to heal it but do what is best for you and your family," Mr Lexx said.

He said that he got his first jab "to protect my family". "I also keep my children from social gatherings, insist on social distancing, so as soon as this is over it will be better for everybody," he said.

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