Real McKoy Records debuts with the 876 rhythm

July 22, 2021
Ryan McKoy
Ryan McKoy

Music label Real McKoy Records has made its debut on the music scene with the release of its first official project, the 876 rhythm.

"The riddim is a simple trap beat with a nice dancehall pattern which features a nice base line that anyone can vibe on," producer Ryan McKoy explained. Comprising seven tracks, featured artistes include Kalado, Zyna, Gabeana, Jahmade and Ancient Warrior.

"Links with these artistes were made through some experienced and knowledgeable producers, like Jakk Stero and other players in the industry," the producer elaborated. The rhythm has been performing well since its May release and the producer is confident that it will continue to gain traction.

"I am expecting the project to do well. A great amount of effort was put into it and I am very confident that listeners, other producers and others in the industry will see us as a great source for music," he said. Based in Linstead, St Catherine, McKoy has had music as a part of his life for as long as he can remember.

"My father had a sound system and I ended up owning one myself. I was always interested in doing something in music, but I didn't have the talent to be an artiste so I chose the route of executive producing, which is also a role I played heavily in the creation of the project," he said.

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