Govana puts spin on love triangle - New music video explores pros

January 20, 2020

Imagine answering your wife’s phone and discovering the person on the other end is a well-known dancehall artiste. As a fan who is completely star- struck, you engage in light conversation, only to find out said artiste and your wife are intimately involved. That is the storyline for Govana’s latest track, ‘ Convo’.

“Me a go hold her head and tear out it and wah happen after dat me nuh care bout it,” Chris (played by social media comedian, Deno Crazy) says in the video after finding out his wife has cheating. “Den Chris when yuh do dat, wah go happen to the kids dem? Dawg memba say it’s all about the children,” Govana says in a bid to encourage Chris against turning to violence. And when that didn’t seem to work, he suggests the pair share Keisha. “Chris, just listen me nuh bredda, me and yuh can gwaan (expletive) it together.”

After listening to Govana highlight the pros and cons of the ‘love triangle’ they had found themselves in, Chris decides harming himself and his wife would not work in anyone’s best interest. When The STAR reached out to Govana’s team to ask the deejay to give his take on the domestic violence situation currently enveloping the island, his PR personnel explained that having laid it all down on the track and in the video, the deejay had nothing else to say on the matter.

Speak for itself

The song, which currently sits atop the local YouTube trending chart, is hailed by fans as important and timely given that its core message is to offer men faced with issues of infidelity, an alternate to murder-suicide.

“Perfect timing Govana, this was well needed. See how the place a run from the year start? Salute for the message and lesson, yet still entertaining,” one fan commented on YouTube. “Yow a suh mi wah laugh wen gal a gi mi bun. Mi nuh ave time fi kill mi self,” another posted.

The video which was released last Friday night, raced passed the half a million views mark on YouTube and looks poised to get to a million views by early next week.

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