Bobi Wine detained in Uganda, again

January 06, 2020

KAMPALA, Uganda (AP) —

Ugandan police on Monday detained the singer and political activist known as Bobi Wine, who was prevented from holding his first public meeting with supporters as a presidential aspirant.

Police fired tear gas as they dispersed a crowd of supporters outside the capital, Kampala. Gunfire was heard but it was not clear if live rounds or rubber bullets were fired. The foiled meeting had been authorised by electoral authorities. It was the first of several planned by Wine, an opposition lawmaker whose real name is Kyagulanyi Ssentamu.

A reggae singer, the 36-year-old, self-styled Ghetto Gladiator made a big impression when he performed at Rebel Salute in Jamaica last January.

During his performance, he is quoted as saying, “After being poor, and by 22 owning beachfront property, I thought I had achieved something. But when I looked back and saw all of my childhood friends living in poverty, I realised that I had to use my music to uplift the people. As a child growing up, I watched videos of Sting, Sunsplash and, most importantly, Rebel Salute. Those videos inspired me to use my music to uplift my people.”

Back in Uganda, a police spokesman did not immediately respond to questions concerning Bobi Wine's whereabouts. In a Twitter update, Wine said he and some colleagues in custody had been transferred from a police post in his constituency to one further outside Kampala.

Robert Amsterdam, a lawyer for the activist, said on Twitter that his client and others had been “arrested without reason” and he denounced “this violation of basic rights."

Police have repeatedly prevented him from addressing rallies or even organising musical concerts in recent months, saying the events pose a danger to the public. Presidential elections are scheduled for 2021. There are growing concerns that campaigns could turn violent as security forces tighten the space available for opposition activists to interact with supporters.

The singer and activist has called for the retirement of longtime President Yoweri Museveni, saying young people must prepare to take over leadership of the East African nation. Museveni, who has indicated he will run again, accuses Wine of trying to lure his supporters into rioting.

Wine came to political prominence nationally in 2017 when, as an independent candidate, he won election as a lawmaker representing a constituency near Kampala. He has since successfully campaigned for other opposition candidates, raising his profile and attracting encouragement to run for president.

But he faces challenges including treason charges related to his alleged role in a 2018 incident in which the president’s convoy was attacked with stones at a campaign event. Prosecutors have added charges of annoying the president over that incident. He also is charged with disobeying statutory authority after he led a demonstration against a tax targeting social media. He denies all the charges.

A criminal conviction would prevent him from seeking the presidency. The 75-year-old Museveni is eligible to run again after lawmakers passed legislation removing a clause in the constitution that prevented anyone over 75 from holding the presidency. Wine was among those who opposed the move. Uganda has never had a peaceful transfer of power since the country gained independence from Britain in 1962. 

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