Young artiste assists schoolgirl who was shot

October 11, 2019

Up-and-coming dancehall artiste Binelly Don, who recently donated cash to the parents of an 11-year-old girl who was shot along Waltham Park Road last month, said he is imploring his fellow entertainers to assist the family with the child's medical expenses.

Speaking with THE WEEKEND STAR earlier this week, the Trillionaire recording artiste said he was moved to tears upon learning about the shooting.

"Right now mi just a beg all of the artistes dem, both young and established, to just see if they can help this little girl and her family in any way they can. She was blessed enough to get a second chance at life, and we never know that this little girl could become a leader of this country. Let us rally around her," he said.

The young girl was shot on Waltham Park Road, Kingston, on Friday, September 6, as she headed home from school.

"A lot of times we see artistes spending thousands of dollars in the parties, but imagine how much just half of that money can do as it relates to this little girl's medical expenses," Binelly Don said.

He stated that although he was strapped for cash, he had reached out to the girl's family and told them that he wanted to donate $30,000.

He said that he got the money from his family members after he told his family about the girl's situation.

Thanking the entertainer for his contribution, the child's father, Delroy, also gave an update on her condition

"I am really keeping my fingers crossed because the doctors said if all of the tests come back positive, then she will be out of the hospital. Wednesday was the first time I saw her eat so much food since the incident, and mi feel really good. She is now stepping off on her own as well. I would like to tell everyone thanks who have been praying with us," he said.

His daughter was shot twice, once below the left ear and above the right eye. The police said that two men had an altercation and one tried to shoot the other with a gun that misfired.

After the other man ran off, the gun eventually fired, hitting the child.

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