December 01, 2015

Last week, we completed Irresistible wife and this week we will explore the irresistible husband.

Tell her how attractive she is. It will turn on her sex drive and give you a greater experience!

Be open. It might seem weird, but being open with your spouse is indeed a sign of affection: it shows her that you trust her and more importantly, that you enjoy being intimate with them emotionally. Women are especially attuned to their emotions; men are often not. Being open will reassure her that you're taking the step for her.

Show her you love her. Touch her shoulders, her hips or her back outside the bedroom. Express to her why you love her and how she makes you feel every day. Do this often. It will lead to good habits, promote more love and affection in your marriage, and reduce great amounts of stress.

Come up behind her when she knows you're in the same room and give her a heartfelt kiss on her neck, while wrapping your arms around her. It'll make her heart melt. When your wife is feeling down, find a way to cheer her up. Bring her breakfast in bed, massage her feet, give her jokes. Small things can have big meanings.

Put the 'Man' back in romance. Don't just assume that because you're married, you don't have to try to be romantic with your wife anymore. Not only is that thought misguided - what if your wife decided that she didn't have to watch her weight once married? - it also takes some of the fun out of marriage. So be a man and do the manly thing. Be romantic. Celebrate your anniversary. Your anniversary is really important to your spouse, and it should be to you too. It has symbolic meaning, in addition to providing an opportunity to renew your love. Forgetting your anniversary is a big No-No. At the very least, have a dinner.


complete trust


Trust her completely. A lot of the things mentioned in this manual revolve around trust. If you don't trust your partner, you're probably living in a miserable place. Learn to trust your wife in the same way that you want her to trust you. Unlock your phone.

Have conversations with her; make her laugh; share interests, hobbies and occupations; take her somewhere that has personal significance to you; encourage her to get to know your extended family (and do the same for hers); engage in debate, share fears, doubts, vulnerabilities; be who you are, not who you think she wants you to be.

Take pride in your appearance. Of course, the most important for last: practise good hygiene, look sharp as a razor - inside and outside of the house - and make sure you keep up the same general level of cleanliness and grooming that your wife does. If you care about how well your wife dresses and much often she brushes her teeth, she's sure to care about the same things.

Listen to what she is saying. Don't pretend to listen - actually listen. Sometimes, the only thing we want is a good listener or a shoulder to lean on. Let her talk and be absorbed in what she is saying. Of course, spending time together doesn't simply mean being in the same room, it means actively finding time where you engage with each other. It may even take work and effort, but remember from above, a happy marriage takes work! Be the Man!

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