How to be an irresistible wife (Part 2)

November 24, 2015

Wives, we trust you have been getting your irresistible on. Here are a few more tips to enhance your irresistibility.

Avoid trying to change your husband. Accept him for who he is, and let him know you would never want him to change in any way for you. Ladies, you are always trying to give him a makeover, but he has so much to offer right now, if you will only give him the space to be himself.

He is a growing individual, just like you. Love him for who he is, and he will love you, unconditionally, in return

Meet your husband's need without compromising your own - If he needs more sex, open your mind to the endless possibilities and wonderful delights. If he needs time with friends or time to pursue a hobby, please, don't be so pessimistic and possessive. He'll be happier and will be grateful to you for your respect.

Maintain your own Identity - Ensure you still have a fun and interesting life. If your husband left tomorrow, would you still have your own friend that you see at least once per month, a hobby, sports, or games that you play? If not, your husband will always be working to fill a void that he cannot, and will eventually feel inadequate. When you are fulfilled as an individual, you will have a lot more to bring to the relationship.

Be Your husband's best friend - Develop true intimacy and unconditional acceptance. Demonstrate a willingness to be vulnerable, and be confident that your relationship can withstand conflict. Enjoy your shared history, your inside jokes, and laugh at each other.

Roll with the change - You will experiences crisis together, from the loss of a loved one to the death of parents, or wayward children. You may suffer financial hardships or you may even find yourself unexpectedly wealthy and unsure of what to do. Your marriage can survive the changes if you are willing to keep the communication lines going and be flexible.

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