I want him to propose to me


November 17, 2015

Dear Rev,

I don't know if there is a time period, but how long must I wait on a man to propose or should I? I have been with this man now for five years, we are OK and we don't have kids, but I just don't know if it is going anywhere. Is anything wrong with wanting to be a wife?


Dear Frustrated,

There is no time period really, it solely depend on you both. But if that is your concern, why not tell him? Marriage gives some women a sense of security which may be the reason you desire to be wedded and as the saying goes 'if you milk, there is no need for him to buy the cow'. I would however caution you to ensure that he has all the qualities you need in a husband. Marriage is more than it looks from the outside, so be prepared that it doesn't necessarily make you happy, but by working together you can both make your marriage happy. As a caution too, pre marital consultation can help you to make a better determination.


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