Seven nights of loving intimacy


November 03, 2015

As I continue to help you enhance your relationship let us peruse intimacy for lasting love. Here are a few tips to consider.

Many couples live in marriages that are utterly platonic. Love reconnection for married couples is not a luxury but a necessity, and a marriage devoid of lovemaking is like a body devoid of life. So a week of love is especially proposed for those couples who have a moribund and sexually anorexic love life. What you'll be practicing is the journey of love intimacy, rather than a goal-oriented sprint toward climax. Try this seven-day program, and see if you can reignite the love soul of your marriage. Some tools from my Intimate worship collection will be necessary; for starters my sex manual entitled 'Sexcription': A Prescription for Sex.

Night 1: He Massages Her

On the first night, the husband should give his wife a long, sensual massage that is not focused on her love zone only. Focus on her shoulders, her back, the inside of her knee, the inside of her elbow, her ear lobes, her cheeks, and her forehead. This is the starting point because it involves the non-love zones of the body and as such stokes the fire of desire by specifically frustrating its further progression. Later on watch the Erotic massage DVD that you will purchase from us along with massage oil, this intensifies the heat.

Night 2: She Returns the Favour

Tonight, the wife should follows suit and do the same to her husband. Reciprocity is essential in marriage. You can't be a glutton for pleasure. You have to show that you derive as much joy from witnessing your spouse come alive through your touch as you do from being touched yourself. The husband being the gentleman he is, however, must pamper his wife first.

Night 3: It's Touch Time

On night three we are going to make the transformation from the sensual to the more love. Tonight, the husband should touch his wife's body all over, this time paying special attention to her erogenous zones. End the evening by focusing specially on her love zones. He should arouse her but not bring her to a climax. Oh, and no intercourse. Behave!

Night 4: His Turn

On night four, the wife does the same to her husband, though intercourse love is still a no-no. And no, he can't cheat with a quickie, so tell him to stop begging. This is all about widening the definition of love. So often love comes to mean simply intercourse followed by unfulfilling climax. Here, we are demonstrating that love is all about making love. It involves not just a few parts of the body but all of the body. To make this effective, love control and discipline are, of course, mandatory. Succumbing to the desires to purge the love urge negates all that you wish to accomplish in terms of heightening arousal and increasing desire.

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