Police Inspector jailed for corruption

September 13, 2019

An Inspector of Police has been arrested for allegedly being involved in corrupt practices after he was reportedly caught accepting bribe.

According to a media release sent from the Inspectorate and Professional Standards Oversight Bureau (IPROB), a complainant visited the office of the IPROB and reported that the inspector allegedly disseminated information of a private nature, concerning him.

It is further alleged that the Inspector approached him and solicited $300,000 to have the situation rectified. A sting operation set up, during which time $60,000 was handed over to the inspector. He was subsequently arrested.

The inspector is among three cops arrested on allegation of corruption in the past week.

Two traffic cops, both constables, were arrested after they allegedly solicited $6,000 from a motorist who committed a road traffic violation. The money was paid over and a complaint subsequently made to IPROB. Following a probe, the cops were arrested.

Meanwhile, the IPROB, which is headed by Deputy Commissioner of Police Selvin Haye, is appealing to report police officers who operate in contravention of the law.